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It has been an honor to interact with the media around the world. Journalists are encouraged to e-mail me questions and call +1-612-822-8667 if you are on deadline.

Along with traditional media sources, select links to academic, newsletter, and online publications are listed below. Most of my television and radio appearances are not listed. Recent coverage can be found via a Google news search.

Access to dozens of local articles (most not listed below) from the Minneapolis StarTribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press are available from their paid archives.

As you can see I've fallen behing on this page. 

In May 2005, I was profiled in Federal Computer Week. As I begin to post articles in my DoWire Steven Clift's Notes blog, I'll tag my media appearances.  For now the Google news search works quite well for recent stories.


BBCWorld Interview, (Play the high bandwidth version in Windows Media), 18 Dec 2003 
BBC World television reaches 273 million homes in 200 countries (not the U.S.).

Cyber democracy and civic discourse, (Listen in Real Audio), Minnesota Public Radio, 9 Nov 2003. Part of the national Whose Democracy? series.

Internet politics report, (Listen in Windows Media), TheWorld - U.S. public radio program, 17 Oct 2003

A lesson in perseverance - Minnesota's Kelley finds lawmakers are finally catching on to the importance of tech, Federal Computer Week, Dibya Sarkar, 13 Oct 2003

Public Net-work, Slashdot, 5 Sep 2003

E-democracy e-Xplained, Doc Searles, 5 Sep 2003

E-Democracy, The Current (Part 2, 23 minutes), (Real Audio) CBC Radio, 2 Sep 2003

Congress faces digital divide, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 18 Aug 2003

Backbench bloggers, UK Guardian, Bobbie Johnson, 21 July 2003

Bloggers take message to MPs, BBC News, 15 July 2003

Operation Weblog, UK Guardian, 15 July 2003

E-Democracy: Dibattito a Radio Radicale con Steven Clift (Radio Debate in Italian), Radio Radicale, Italy, 11 July 2003 

Future Tense Radio Inteview on Primary (Real Audio), Minnesota Public Radio, 12 June 2003

Move to Open Government Electronically, New York Times, Rebecca Fairley Raney, 23 Dec 2002

Internet is bad for democracy, OpenDemocracy.Net, James Crabtree, 5 Dec 2002 (also in Japan Today)

Candidates turn to Net to mobilize supporters, Associated Press, Anick Jesdanun, 31 Nov 2002

Partying on the Web
Foreign Policy, Jennifer L. Rich, Nov/Dec 2002

Metropolitan Council: Ballot box beat up on Internet
Mara H. Gottried, St. Paul Pioneer Press, 25 Oct 2002

Guest, "Lunch with the Governor" radio show hosted by Governor Jesse Ventura,  25 Oct 2002

"Online Politics" Guest on KSTP 1500 radio show, 20 Oct 2002

History as it happens/Sept 11 brought Internet community together
Leslie Brooks Suzukamo, St. Paul Pioneer Press (link to version carried by The Age, Australia), 9/11 Sep 2002

Yachiyo Oikos Briefing with Steven Clift (Japanese Version)
Yachiyo Oikos Newsletter, 23 May 02

Interview with Japan's Mainichi Newspaper (in Japanese)
Mainichi Interactive, 22 May 02

Internet changing way citizens interact with public agencies
Pugent Sound Business Journal, George Erb, 26 Apr 2002

Nations wary of e-democracy
Federal Computer Week, William Matthews, 17 Apr 2002 

Eclipsing the Sunshine of E-Government 
Online Journalism Review, Rebecca Fairley Raney 
3 Apr 2002 

Internet democracy starts at grass roots in Waitakere City,
Laingholm Online, New Zealand, Andy Williamson, 3 Dec 2001

E-democracy lecture
Ranui Webspace, New Zealand, P Scott, 2 Dec 2001

E-Democracy and E-Government
Australian Radio Broadcasting with Richard Aedy, 26 Nov 2001

Minneapolis e-mail forum has become a force in city politics
Minneapolis Star Tribune, Steve Brandt, 22 Oct 2001 

The global digital divide
Information Today, Wallys W Conhaim, 1 July 2001 

The Feeble Result of Their Labors: How much difference did the Net really make in UK election's outcome?
Online Journalism Review,  J.L. Perrone, 12 Jun 2001

FirstGov to add state links 
Federal Computer Week, William Matthews, 21 May 2001 

Can New Technology Beat the Old Campaign Finance System?
Captial Eye, M.A. Engle, Spring 2001

County promotes online petition, Dibya Sarkar, 26 Mar 2001

Tony and William log off 
UK Guardian, Matthew Tempest, 19 Feb 2001

Usability, accessibility closely related 
Federal Computer Week, Beth Archibald Tang, 4 Jan 2001 

Bush camp takes charge of in transition
CNET, Lisa M. Bowman, 9 Jan 2001

E-Voting: Its Day Has Not Come Just Yet 
New York Times, John Schwartz, 27 Nov 2000

Uneasy Access - Hard to Reach, Erica D. Rowell, 21 Nov 2000

Web streaming draws eyes to Florida recount 
CNET, Patricia Jacobus and Patrick Ross, 20 Nov 2000

Voters tune to Net for presidential debates 
CNET, Patricia Jacobus, 4 Oct 2000

Hurry Up and Wait
Government Technology, Oct 2000

In the digital age, technology can promote political involvement in government
Brown Daily Herald, Seth Kerschner, 29 Sep 2000

E-Democracy gains ground.
Link-Up, Wallys W. Conhaim, 31 Aug 2000

Not many eager to check out e-political coverage Some prefer TV and newspapers 
USA Today, Richard Wolf, 18 Aug 2000

E-Gov Rollout Will Take Five More Years 
Newsbytes, Brian Krebs and David McGuire, 4 Aug 2000 


Would-be mayors flirt with e-voters
UK Guardian, Dan Jellinek, 2 Dec 1999 

The Week in Politics
BBC News, MP Graham Allen, 18 Nov 1999

Cultivating a sense of community on line Unifying themes, hosts are seeds of intertwining lives
USA Today, Elizabeth Weise, 30 Jun 1999

Iowa Caucus Attendees To Participate In E-Forum
Newsbytes,  David McGuire, 2 Aug 1999 

Make electronic democracy work with email, Dan Caterinicchia, 4 Aug 1999

Political Campaigns Catch Internet Fever
WashingtonTechnology, Steve LeSueur, 10 May 1999

Between Propaganda and Talking Heads: Wartime Journalism in the Internet Age
Silicon Alley Daily, Mark Rinzel, 14 Apr 1999

On the Stump, Online, Presidential hopefuls flock to the Net. That will change politics 
Business Week, Amy Borrus, 12 Apr 1999

Internet gives war victims a voice 
San Mateo County Times, Liz Garone, 11 Apr 1999 

Voice of America Report on Kosovo/Serbia E-mail List
30 Mar 1999

Internet keeps Belgrade residents in touch with world
Philadelphia Inquirer, Reid Kanaley, 27 Mar 1999

Email Assist for Yugoslavs
Wired News, Leander Kahney, 26 Mar 1999

Opening Up City Budgets to Online Input 
New York Times (Cybertimes), Rebecca Fairley Raney, 17 Mar 1999 

Wrestling with politics on the Web: Dan Jellinek meets a pioneer of teledemocracy
UK Guardian, Dan Jellinek, 4 Feb 1999

Resande i e-demokrati
InterNet Guiden (Sweden), Lars Truedson, 12 Jan 1999

Former Wrestler's Campaign Got a Boost From the Internet
New York Times (CyberTimes), Rebecca Fairley Raney, 6 Nov 1998

Access to Clinton Data Aids E Pluribus Unum in the 90's
New York Times, Amy Harmon, 20 Sep 1998
Also: Clinton Scandal: A Defining Moment for the Web
International Herald Tribune, 21 Sep 1998

E-Democracy - Future Exchange
Interview with Michael Dwyer, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, July 1998 - An excerpt from The Good Citizen's radio series segment on Digital Democracy (audio files available.)

Netizens ponder universal access
CNET, Courtney Macavinta, 5 May 1998

The clamor of the brave new world
State Legislatures, Boulard, Garry, May 1998

Feds Kick Off Global Information Effort
WashingtonTechnology, John Makulowich, 9 Apr 1998

Webb's web - A welcome visitor
InCite - Australian Library and Information Association Magazine, Dec 1997

If you build it, they will come
Government Technology - Service to Citizen Magazine, Tod Newcombe, 1997

Interview Transcript with Matrix - ORF (Austrian Radio) - In German
4 May 1997

MN-Politics (partial archived article)
Channel4000, Kevin Featherly, TBD 27 Mar 1997

Participatory democracy thriving on the Internet
Toronto Globe and Mail, Mary Gooderham, 4 Mar 1997

Nu ska politikerna möta folket på nätet
Dagen Politik (Sweden), 30 May 1996
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