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E-mail Steven Clift

To send me an e-mail, simply cut and paste or type in the following e-mail address:

clift @
Be sure to remove the spaces around the @ sign.  I present my e-mail this way to reduce the harvesting of my e-mail address by spammers who kindly send me about 100 messages a day.

I also use a spam filter run by my ISP  This means that some messages, particularly those sent to large groups of addresses or using subject lines with commercial words often don't get through.  More than one "!" in a row also sends you into mystery land.

Will Steve Respond?

Due to the volume of e-mail I receive, it may take a few weeks for a proper response.  Please use a descriptive subject line, the longer the better.  If you don't hear from me, it is OK to resend your message.  Put RESEND in the subject line.

Please do not send general questions like, "What is e-democracy?" or "Will the Internet change democracy?" Specific questions on the various articles I have written or comments on DO-WIRE are appreciated.  I know a little bit about a lot things in the broad e-democracy field.  I am not in a position to do original online research or provide networking contacts unless it is part of a contract relationship.  DO-WIRE is my free "one-size-fits-all" community service.

Students and Academia

I will only respond to student queries that clearly indicate that they have read my complete E-Democracy E-Book or other recent articles and are members of my DO-WIRE e-mail list.  For those with a one-time assignment, you should be able to get what you need from my articles.  If you are working on a gradudate-level thesis feel free to contact me in exchange for an electronic copy of your final product.  The same holds true for academics and researchers, if we arrange a personal interview I request copies (for my private use) of any derivative paper submitted for publication.  This is not required when simply quoting my written work, but sharing your related work is appreciated nonetheless.


Oddly enough, calling me on the telephone is the best way to interview me, particularly if you are on deadline.  You can e-mail me a few questions first and then suggest a time that you will call.  I should reply within a day or two when I am working from my home base in Minneapolis.  Check my telephone/voicemail +1-612-822-8667 if you want to confirm whether I am out of town or perhaps offline for an extended period.  I also provide via cell/mobile phone number on my outgoing voice mail message.

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