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Web White & Blue 2000 Outreach Team

Please contact the most appropriate WWB Outreach Team member(s) based on their lead area or contact the whole team at Sign up as a WWB Participating site on the main WWB site.

Lead Areas

  • Non-Profit, Education, Libraries - Rick Birmingham and Ann Treacy
  • Government, Politics - David Erickson and Corey Davison
  • Commercial, IT Industry, Online Communities - Mick Souder
  • Media - Kevin Featherly
  • The WWB Outreach Team is coordinated by Steven Clift of Publicus.Net.  Visit About Web White & Blue for more information.


    This is a temporary location where teachers and schools may download the WWB curriculum - Teaching Students about the Presidential Elections Using Technology and Online Resources, Version 1.0 (MS Word).  Contact Ann Treacy for further details and be sure to let Ann know if you decide to use it in full or in part.  Thanks.

    Rick Birmingham

    WWB E-mail:
    Telephone: 612-331-6815
    Voice Mail: 877
    Lead Areas: Non-Profit, Education, Libraries

    Rick Birmingham works with schools and nonprofits to help them better utilize technology.  Rick is a former high school Chinese teacher with recent experience teaching in an elementary school.  Rick is currently working at MAP for Nonprofits as a Technology Circuit Rider involved with creating and implementing technology plans to make organizations more effective.  Rick spent four years as a Coordinator of NetDay Minnesota, a nonprofit organization working to wire Minnesota schools and provide assistance and training to teachers and schools.  Rick is also intimately involved in E-Democracy, and has coordinated several online gubernatorial debates.  Rick is also serving on the Board of Genesis II, a nonprofit organization empowering women, children and families to become positive members of the community.

    Steven L. Clift

    WWB E-mail:
    Telephone: 612-822-8667
    Voice Mail: 877-745-2751
    Lead Areas: Outreach Coordination

    Steven Clift is an online strategies consultant focused on the use of the Internet in democracy, governance, and community. He seeks to fundamentally improve democracy and citizen participation through the use of the Internet. From his local community up through global networks he is changing the world one e-mail at a time.   He is an adviser to the Markle Foundation for their Web White & Blue 2000 online election information partnership and served as Project Coordinator in 1998. He is also Board Chair of Minnesota E-Democracy, a non-profit organization which created the world's first election-oriented web site in 1994 and hosts ongoing citizen discussions on state and community affairs.  A frequent media commentator, he shares information, news, and advice to over 1000 subscribers via his Democracies Online Newswire service as well as through his public presentations in seventeen countries over the last four years.  More information and articles can be found at <>.

    Corey L. Davison

    WWB E-mail:
    Telephone:  877-333-4248 - Toll-free
    Voice Mail: 877
    Lead Areas: General Assistance - Politics, Government

    Corey L. Davison is Assistant National Field Director of the Concord Coalition, a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating federal budget deficits and ensuring Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are secure for all generations.

    In his work for the Concord Coalition, Mr. Davison assists in the coordination of a national public education and grassroots campaign.  Mr. Davison gives public speeches to conventions, civic organizations, and high school, college, and graduate student groups and meets with members of Congress to urge support for fiscally responsible votes.  As Midwest Regional Director, Mr. Davison oversees the development of grassroots chapters in 10 states and organizes and speaks at public education forums.  He was a spokesperson and Concord's coordinator for the Iowa Caucuses for the 2000 presidential campaign.  Mr. Davison has appeared throughout the Midwest in newspapers and on television and radio.

    Before joining the Concord Coalition in 1996, Mr. Davison worked for three Minnesota Congressmen in Washington, D.C. and in Minnesota.  He has a degree in political science from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota's Hubert H. Humphrey School for Public Affairs in Minneapolis.  Mr. Davison resides in Chicago, Illinois.

    David Erickson

    WWB E-mail:
    Telephone: 651-631-8296/651-221-1999
    Voice Mail: 877-773-8163
    Lead Areas: Government, Politics

    David Erickson is the President/CEO of E-Strategy, Inc., an Internet marketing and audience building firm. Mr. Erickson has been an Internet consultant since 1995. He founded E-Strategy in 1997 to fill a market need for strategic online communications.

    Recent E-Strategy projects include targeted outreach to soccer communities for SoccerDocs, Inc., which more than doubled their Web site traffic. He also helped to develop and launch the Twin Cities Latino entertainment guide,, for the Latino Communications Network.

    David has a background in writing and the graphic arts. He has experience in market research, marketing and advertising, and publishing, through positions he held prior to founding E-Strategy.

    Erickson's interest in politics and public policy led him in 1998 to launch the popular Web site, which E-Strategy co-publishes with its public relations partner, New School Communications. Erickson also serves as the publication's Editor. David is an alumni of the Hubert H. Humphrey Policy Fellows program.

    Kevin Featherly

    WWB E-mail:
    Telephone:  612-887-5145
    Voice Mail: 877
    Lead Areas: Media Sites

    Kevin Featherly was a founder and former senior news editor at Channel 4000, the Internet news and information service of WCCO-TV and WCCO Radio in Minneapolis, which began operation in February 1996. He also helped establish its sister site, Channel 2000, at KCBS-TV in Los Angeles. Featherly is author of "Guide to Building a Newsroom Web Site," and served as an adjunct professor of online journalism at the University of Minnesota. He was a part-time Web editor at the St. Paul Pioneer Press' Web site, the Pioneer Planet in 1999. He has written extensively on new media as a free-lance writer for publications such as Editor & Publisher, Online Journalism Review and, in addition to numerous Twin Cities publications like City Pages, Ventures and Corporate Report Minnesota. He sometimes acts as a new media consultant and lecturer. Kevin cut his teeth in the news business as a reporter, copy editor, columnist and city editor at a number of community and daily newspapers in Minnesota, Southern California and Wisconsin between 1987 and 1996. Kevin is an editor and correspondent for the Newsbytes News network, a division of Post-Newsweek Business Information, a subsidiary of the Washington Post Co.

    Mick Souder

    WWB E-mail:
    Telephone: 970-375-0098
    Voice Mail: 877
    Lead Areas: Commercial, IT Industry, Online Communities

    Mick is currently a consultant with Onvoy, Minnesota's largest Internet service provider.  He now telecommutes from Durango, Colorado.  He facilitated the MN-POLITICS discussion forum for four years and is a founding member of Minnesota E-Democracy.

    Mick co-founded Minnesota Citizens Online in 1991.  MCO recognized the power of communications technology to impact civic interaction and engaged in activities to facilitate the use of networking tools for public debate and organizing.  He has a background in educational technology and distance learning.  His Master's Degree project was on the topic of the development, recruitment and use of electronic mail for community network collaboration.  Mick recently co-authored a book on E-commerce for state and local government officials.

    Ann Treacy

    WWB E-mail:
    Telephone: 651-699-4936
    Voice Mail: 877
    Lead Areas: Education, Libraries, Non-Profits

    The librarian for the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse, Ann was recently awarded $100,000 grant from the AOL Foundation to develop a program that uses service-learning (meaningful community service combined with academic learning) as a tool to bridge the digital divide in schools. An experienced librarian, Ann's strength is helping remote and on-site patrons access the information they need through the Internet and other proprietary online databases. Outside of the library, Ann works with schools, nonprofit organizations, and individuals to help them make the most of technology. Ann has been providing Internet training for six years, including a semester as the computer teacher at a K-8 grade school. For four years, Ann worked for a local Internet service provider as liaison to school and nonprofit customers. Ann has published many articles in the areas of technology and education, including Surfin' the 'Net for Kids and Families, an online guide for parents and teachers.