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Universal Access Conversation:
Building a Networked Nation on the Global Internet

An Online Event 
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 15, 1998

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Visit the Universal Access Conversation archive on the web to read any of the posts sent from May 4 to May 15.

What is it about?

This is a significant opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences with noted industry thought-leaders on topics related to universal access to e-mail and the Internet. Learn from eminent leaders and practitioners about important Internet trends and policy issues related to broadening access to e-mail and the Internet.

The event is focused around four themes. Each theme has a web page with discussion questions, essay and article submission information, recent news items, and links to important online resources:

This event is free and open to all.  Visit our special content submission form now to help us make the most of this event.


How does it work?

This online event will use both a moderated e-mail discussion list and this web site.  The content of the discussion will be available for your e-mail box or on the web - it is your choice.  The interactive e-mail-based portion of the event will last for two weeks and resulting web site will become an online resource.  The information sharing and discussions will be facilitated and the daily number of e-mail messages forwarded each day will be limited in length and in number (approximately 5 to 15).  Web-only readers are encouraged to join our EMFA announcement e-mail list in order to automatically receive the most important updates.


How can I help?

Help spread the word about this event.  Visit our event outreach page which contains our event banner ads, the E-MAIL FOR ALL button, and our text announcements that you can forward to others via e-mail.


Who is the sponsor?

The E-MAIL FOR ALL outreach effort is coordinated by the International Advisory Group for the Markle Foundation. It is an integral part of the Markle Foundation's work to encourage the use of new communications technologies for socially beneficial purposes. The outreach effort is designed to stimulate a national dialogue on these issues.

This online interactive event, our first, is an experiment. Please send us your suggestions, comments, and questions.

E-mail: emfa@publicus.net
Telephone: +
International Advisory Group,
875 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 1005,
New York, NY 10001


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