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Speaking Events and Conferences

Is your organization interested in hosting a speech or presentation in 2007? I am available in-person as well as Internet-based  videoconferencing.  For more information, please visit my speaker page.

2006, 2007, and beyond ... for recent and future speaking events,
please see the Clift's Notes category on the DoWire.Org blog.


San Sebastian, Spain, June 2

London, Monday, June 6

I was swamped with work for the UK government from December 2004 - April 2005.

Everyday Citizens Speech, University of Minnesota, April

Washington, DC, March

London, January


Brisbane, Australia, Friday, November 19

MNLink Library Conference Keynote Speaker, St. Paul, Minesota, November 8

New Zealand, Seminars in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland, July

Mongolia, Eight Days of Presentations and Meetings with Everyone, March

European Commission's eDemocracy Seminar, Brussels, Belgium, February 12-13

Presentation to Belgian, Flanders e-Government leaders organized by i-Gov/i-Merge, Brussels, Belgium, February 11

Promise of E-Democracy, World Summit on the Information Society side event, Geneva, Switzerland, December 11

Digital Democracy Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, December 1-2

Presentations for the City of Copenhagen, Denmark, November 27-28

Presentations for the Prime Ministers Office and City of Reykjavik, November 25-26, 2003

Panel Participant, Blog Rule, Can weblogs change politics?, House of Commons, London, UK, July 2003

Presentations, Panel Facilitation for SIFAR, FAO, Rome, Italy, July 2003 

War .... need I say more.

The Net and Elections & Online Advocacy in Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 2003

Numerous Lectures, University of Minnesota, February 2003

Staff Presentation, Markle Foundation, December 2002

Speeches and Seminars for Ontario Provincial Government, November 2002

Public Presentation hosted by ECommons.Net at the University of Toronto, November 2002

Speech to the Associação para a Promoção e Desenvolvimento da Sociedade da Informação at the retreat held at the Arrábida convent, Portugal, October 2002

Instituto Nacional de Administração Public Presentation, Oeiras, Portugal, October 2002

Keynote, Portuguese Parliament (Assembleia da República) E-Democracy Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, October 2002

Presentations at the Open Society Fund and Lietuvos Teises Universitetas Law School, Vilnius, Lithuania, October 2002

Presentation to Lithuanian Parliament - Vilnius, Lithuania, October 2002

Cities on the Internet Seminar - Warsaw, Poland - September 2002

Staff Presentation, Markle Foundation, New York - September 2002

Metropolis - World Major Cities Conference, Seoul, Korea - May 2002

BBL Seminar, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, Tokyo, Japan

Roundtable with Local Citizen Environmental NGO, Yachio, Japan

Keynote and Panel, E-Democracy Symposium Hosted by NTT Data/NHK, Tokyo, Japan, May 2002 - The panel along with video news stories were edited into a 70 minute program broadcast nationally on NHK in Japan.

E-Democracy Panel, Microsoft Government Leaders Conference, Seattle, April 2002 - Moderated plenary session panel on e-democracy the first morning of the conference.

eCommunity, Helsinki, Finland, March 2002

Parli@ments on the Net (Photos), Helsinki, Finland, March 2002

Presentation at National IT and Telecom Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2002 

SXSW Interactive - 2 Panels, Austin Texas, March 2002 

Online Consultation Seminars for Treasury Board/Privy Council and Heritage Canada - February 2002

Presentation to Parliament Staff and Members, Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Canada - February 2002

Integrating Government with New Technologies: How Government Online is Changing the Public Sector, Ottawa, Canada, February 2002


Political Psychology Proseminar, University of Minnesota, December 2001

Community Presentation, Waitakere City, New Zealand, December 2001

3 Major Speeches and Consulting, Community Engagement Division, State of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, November 2001

Internet Reality Check - E-Democracy After the Election, Australian Computer Society, November 2001

Online Consultation Presentation to Federal Agencies hosted by the National Office of the Information Economy - November 2001

Speech, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, November 2001 - An eight minute highlight from this seminar is available in Real Audio.

Public Presentation host at the Department of Internal Affairs - Community Development Group, Wellington, New Zealand

Keynote, SmartNet, Christchurch, New Zealand, November 2001

Internet Research 2.0 - International Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 2001

Politics at the Internet Frontier Panel, American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, September 2001

Public Presentation hosted by Association of Public Sector Web Professionals, Berkeley, California 

Session Moderator, Working Group on E-Government in the Developing World, Redwood Shores, California, August 2001

Internet Society's INet 2001, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2001

Democracy Forum 2001, Stockholm, Sweden - June 2001

The Internet: Is it Good for Democracy?, Harvard University's Institute of Politics, Boston, Massachusetts, April 2001

Global Forum: Fostering democracy and development through e-government, Naples, Italy, March 2001

Virtual City Hall - Cities of Tomorrow Expert Workshop, Delft, The Netherlands, March 2001

Presentation to European Commission's Working Group on "Creating a European Public Space", Brussels, Belgium, March 2001

Politics Online: Lessons from America and Prospects for the UK - Speech, London, UK, February 2001

Web White & Blue Overview Presentation, Parliamentary Offices, London, UK, February 2001

transmediale.01 DIY: international media art festival - Berlin, Germany, February 2001 


Elektronische Demokratie: Bürgerbeteiligung per Internet zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis, Bielefeld, Germany - October 2000

National Conference on Governance: Wired for Change I, Washington DC, November 2000

Internet in Power: Networked Governance or Virtual Disconnect?
Roundtable Discussion, hosted by the Center for Democracy and Technology, Washington, DC, November 2000

Forming a Digital Citizenship in Europe?, September 2000 - Stockholm, Sweden 

Roundtable Discussion organized by Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - September 2000

E-Democracy Presentation organized by Winona Online Democracy/Winona Quality Council, Winona, Minnesota, August 2000

Presentation, hosted by the International Teledemocracy Centre, Napier University, Scotland, June 2000

Greater London and Online Election and Citizen Engagement Roundtable, Ye Old Red Cow (Pub), London, UK, June 2000

Lecture, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, May 2000 

UN Economic Commission for Western Asia - Expert Panel on Information Technology and Development Priorities; Competing in a Knowledge-Based Global Economy, Beirut, Lebanon, May 2000


Integrating Government with New Technologies: Service Integration in the New Environments, Ottawa, Canada, December 1999

Information for Change, Minneapolis, Minnesota - November 1999

Government and Democracy in the Information Age, Wilton Park Conference, United Kingdom, November 1999 

A Wired Agora Presentation, State Capitol, Iowa
July 1999 - 45 minute Real Audio stream, text/slides

American Library Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 1999 

Gorbachev Foundation of North America Conference On Technology and Democracy, Boston, Massachusetts, March 1999

Internet and Politics: 2nd International Congress on Electronic Media
and Citizenship in Information Society, Helsinki, Finland, January 1999 


Politics Online Conference, Washington DC, November 1998

Models for Digital Cities: New roles of community networking - Second European Community Networking Conference, Barcelona, Spain, July 1998 

Politics on the 'Net, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, May 1998

Queens University and Community Presentation at Royal Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland, May 1998

European Major Cities IT Conference, Dublin, Ireland, May 1998 

GovNet'98, Ottawa, Canada, April 1998

Interactive New Zealand Forum, Auckland, New Zealand, November 1997

Presentation to business leaders, Auckland, New Zealand, November 1997

Victoria University Presenation, Wellington, New Zealand, November 1997

Wellington 2020 Communications Trust/City Hall Presentation, Wellington, New Zealand, November 1997

James Cook University Community Presentation, Cairns, Australia, November 1997

Internet Reality Check, Australian Computer Society Presentation, Canberra, Australia, November 1997

ACT Chief Ministers Department Hosted Public Presentation, Canberra, Australia, November 1997

Melbourne Interact!, Melbourne, Australia - November 1997

Virtual Opportunity Congress, Melbourne, Australia - October 1997

Public Presentation at Victorian Association of Community Information  Centres - Melbourne, Australia - October 1997

Electronic Democracy - Global Perspectives Session, International Summit on Service to the Citizen, Denver, Colorado - October 1997

European Symposium on Democracy and Multimedia, Parthenay, France - September 1997

Democracies Online Evening Public Presentation at Global Cafe, London, England - September 1997 (webcast live by Virgin.Net)

Electronic Democracy, CIRA - University of Teesside, Middlesborough, England, UK - September 1997

Presenation to Craigmillar Community Information Service, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - September 1997

Presentation to Newcastle upon Tyne city leaders and NewNet, England, UK - September 1997

Communications, Participation and Democracy, the implications of community networks for local governance presentation to CivicNet Follow-up Conference, Leicester, England, UK - September 1997

UK Communities Online Presentation, Brighton, England,  UK - September 1997

European Voting, Rating and Annotation Conference, Vienna, Austria, April 1997

Internet and Politics - Modernizing Democracy through the Electronic Media
International Conference (German version) of the Academy of the Third Millennium - Munich, Germany, February 1997

Waag - Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 1996

Speeches and lectures for one month, Statskontoret, Government of Sweden, May 1996

Scores of speeches from 1995-1997 about e-government when I served as the Project Coordinator for North Star, Minnesota state government's portal.

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